Luxurious Motor Yachts chooses Malaga for Bunkering


During the morning of July 13 the Motor Yacht Luna berthed for the first time in the Port of Malaga. It is a luxurious yacht considered the second largest luxury Motor Yacht for exploring the world with a total length of 115 meters and a beam of 20.54 meters. It can reach a speed of 22.5 knots. This fabulous Mega Yacht can host with all its luxuries up to 19 guests with a crew of up to 49 sailors. One of the most impressive details is the roof of the main stateroom that opens completely to let you see incredible views or enjoy a starry sky.

Thanks to the prediction that CADOIL TRADING have made, the Port of Malaga has become new port for bunker in the med area with a premium service of 24/7 and private berthing. Supplies by pipe and by truck provides the flexibility to supply small parcels for yachts up to big parcels for commercial vessels.

The Mega Yacht Luna arrived from an Atlantic crossing and was docked in Malaga for approximately 12 hours and loaded around 200 metric tones.